Dr David Head
Clinical Psychologist, Cambridge
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A Taste of ACT - Professionals' Workshop

This is a workshop designed for professionals of any discipline who are interested in learning about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - what does it have to offer?

As well as being a powerful form of psychological therapy ACT has burst out of the consulting room and is used in a wide variety of settings, from business to schools, building sites to physical health consultations. In short, if you work with people and aim to help them move forward in their lives ACT is a powerful tool. A number of factors explain 
ACT's appeal to such a wide variety of professionals including its clear theoretical understanding of human suffering and its relationship to language which clarifies the direction of intervention, and a rich and practical store of metaphors and experiential exercises that explore and illustrate these processes. ACT allows us to strongly align ourselves with our clients whilst recognising both the traps they may be falling into and the choices that they might make that are in line with their values. Attending this workshop could significantly empower your practice, giving new clarity on what may be holding your clients back from leading vital lives and new ways of helping them achieve this.

Founded on scientific behavioural principles, ACT recognises and incorporates the wisdom from a wide variety of traditions to offer new perspectives on human suffering. ACT can be especially powerful in helping to build relationships with clients that are both compassionate and change-focussed, and is full of practical and meaningful metaphors and exercises that can help your clients move forward and see their struggles in a different way. ACT is part of the CBT 'family' and has a clear evidence base with over 100 randomised control trials demonstrating its efficacy for a variety of mental health conditions (including depression, anxiety, psychosis), physical health issues (such as back pain, epilepsy, smoking-cessation, obesity and work related disability) and other areas (burnout and stigma in health care workers, worker stress). 

This workshop will give you a taste of what ACT has to offer and an opportunity to consider 'what next' if it appeals to you. It will take you through the theory that underpins ACT and look at easy ways to start using ACT to make a difference in your clinical practice. The workshop will be 'hands-on', designed to give you a taste of both of the theory and practice of ACT. No previous knowledge of ACT or CBT is required and the workshop is open to all health and social care professionals.

David ran this well received workshop in 2014 and hopes to run it again in Autumn 2015

HomeAbout DavidLocationApproachesA Taste of ACT - Professionals' Workshop Testimonials from ACT public workshop